Hey welcome to the last eighth of the readathon. My name is Flavia and I am an enthusiastic reader from Germany, you can find me mostly on Twitter under the username flaviaaalouise.

We’ve all been reading for quite a while now. And at least in my experience the exhaustion might start to settle in now. Whether it’s from not sleeping (enough) or from training your eyes on a book for hours.

What I like to do to help with this and mix up my reading formats, physical books, ebooks and audiobooks. Different genres, fiction and nonfiction, graphic works, poetry. All these things are my friends.
Especially in 24 hour readathons time is valuable, so having an audiobook to listen to while having to do chores or going outside (if corona permits) is amazing. Graphic works are super useful becuase they are fat to read and help you feel accomplished.

What is your take on reading in different formats? What is your favorite format?

I hope your reading is going well and even if it’s not, don’t beat yourself up. And always remember to be kind to yourself.


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4 thoughts on “Hour 22 – Reading Mediums

  1. I have definitely started reaching for the graphic novels. But I’m getting punchy so I think my speed is about the same as regular books when I’m fresh.


  2. Ebooks are very handy for readathons. As my eyes got tired, I would bump up the font size, making it a little easier to read, which you can’t do with paper. And when they get really gritty, I switch to audiobook.


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