Hi there fellow readers! Thank you for sticking with me for these last couple of hours! I figured now was the perfect time to reflect on the day!

While I have participated in numerous read-a-thons in the past, I’ve never had the chance to co-host. This was an all new experience for me and I thoroughly enjoyed it! I loved seeing all the likes, comments and interactions with my posts/tweets throughout the day. It was great chatting with everyone both on the Dewey blog and mine (www.TreatYoShelf.blog), plus on Twitter (@ItsMrGeekToYou), about the books you’re reading. This has been such a great community to be a part of! I also wanted to give Kate a shoutout! She’s the mastermind behind the 24 Hour Read-A-Thon and did a fantastic job organizing everything! I’m already looking forward to joining in again in 2021!

Personally, the best part of my day was when I took a walk on the local trail near my home. I decided to veer off my standard route, sit near a river and enjoy my audiobook for awhile + the crisp Autumn air! It was an extremely scenic spot, very peaceful and quiet. It was also great getting out of the house for awhile and enjoying the great outdoors!

Since I’m being reflective, you should be too! What was your favorite part of the day? Did you read a truly amazing book? Did you participate in a Mini-Challenge? Did you take your self on a socially-distance adventure and read somewhere fun? Let me know in the comments!

Like I said, I’ve really enjoy my time co-hosting today! I hope you’ll stay connected with me either at my blog (www.TreatYoShelf.blog) or on Twitter (@ItsMrGeekToYou)!

Until Next Time,
Mr Geek


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6 thoughts on “Hour 20 – Until We Meet Again: Farewell from Mr Geek

  1. While it’s not over yet (and I think I’ll make it through without falling asleep), my favorite part was hosting as well– getting to connect with participants and share my own readathon journey.


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