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How’s everybody doing? You’re almost there!!! Can you believe it? These are going to be toughest hours for many of you.

I’ve been participating in this event for over a decade and my ability to stay awake for 24 hours has truly gone downhill ever since. 

I’m shocked that I’m even up this late! It’s a real accomplishment for me.

It’s really hard to stay awake but I also know how great it feels to finish a whole 24 hours of reading without ever dozing off. You feel like a beast, a champion—dare I say, superhuman? 

Some people, though, are better at keeping their eyes open than others. My number one tip is to STAY AWAY FROM CAFFEINE. It is your enemy. Especially if you’re a regular caffeine drinker. You’ll be temporarily wide-eyed, but soon you’ll be traipsing off to dreamland. And if you do manage to stay awake, you’ll probably get a headache.

So here are a few non-caffeine-related tips to keep you up and flipping through pages.

Staying awake when you don’t want to

Injure yourself. I know this is effective because I stubbed my toe so hard two weeks ago that I broke it. It was right before bedtime and I ended up staying up because it jolted me awake. I don’t condone purposely hurting yourself, so instead, just pinch your arm—and don’t be gentle.

Read something that infuriates you. Getting mad can really get your blood pumping. If none of your current books are pissing you off, reach for an article online. There’s a lot out there that’s bound to make you rage.

Get frisky. A little bit of sexy time can help you stay awake, but careful, release can also encourage you to doze off.

Take a cold shower. Feel your eyes slowly shutting while you try to re-read the same page for the 6th time? Jump in the shower and turn on the cold water. Instant wake up!

Ask someone else to nag you. If you have a partner or family member who easily stays up past their bedtime, ask them to give you a hand in staying awake. They can physically nudge you or send you texts to keep your mind alert. 

Talk to yourself. Give yourself a pep talk. You won’t go to sleep because you’re better than that. You can stay awake. You know it’s going to suck tomorrow, but if you finish you will revel in the pride of having read for 24 hours. YOU ARE A WINNER. 

Set a million alarms. Something I do every readathon is set an alarm for every hour during the 24-hour period. It’s extremely annoying but it reminds me to check on mini-challenges, blog posts, and pop in to see how other readathoners are doing.

Source: https://health.usnews.com/wellness/articles/2017-09-18/8-wildly-unconventional-tricks-for-staying-awake-when-sleep-isnt-an-option 


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2 thoughts on “Hour 18 – Staying Awake When You Don’t Want To

  1. One trick I just discovered is to forget to feed your cats. Mine went from quietly napping in my lap to purring, being adorable but constantly walking between me and my book or my screen. Finally I clued in so they may go back to being sleep magnets instead of sleep defenders…


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