The spookiest hour of them all! 

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What time is it where you are? I’ve been reading spooky fare all day and I’m excited for the late-night hour because I rarely read in the middle of the night. I’m currently reading Spook by Mary Roach and loving it. I can’t believe I’ve finished 3 books so far! I really wasn’t expecting to. In fact, I’ve had a bit of an off day today. It’s my first full day off in weeks but it didn’t end up feeling as relaxing as it should have. Thankfully, I started the day with a great read that I really recommend called ‘Ring Shout’. Definitely check it out!

It’s probably about time to start thinking about a midnight snack. What have you been snacking on? Not too much sugar I hope. Sugar is great, don’t get me wrong, but during a 24-hour event, relying on sweet treats can leave you with a headache, which isn’t conducive to reading. 

Shockingly, I’m not really a snacky kinda gal. I prefer meals to snacks, which is why I’m likely going to munch on some pizza when my tummy starts to rumble in the middle of the night. 

I hope you’re staying strong and ready to fight through the next several hours. I can’t promise I’ll be as successful, but I’m so excited to be here hanging out with you tonight.  I vow to stay awake ’till at least 2AM! But maybe I can make it ’till 3AM? Time will tell!

My challenge to you for this hour is to text, message, or poke a friend who is also participating to make sure they’re still awake.


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3 thoughts on “Hour 17 – MIDNIGHT SNACKS

    1. I don’t have anyone participating with me either BUT my mom always sends me words of encouragement throughout the day because she knows it’s my fav event of the year 🙂 Definitely ask your sister to be your cheerleader for a bit!


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