It is officially Sunday in my neck of the woods. What part of the day is it for you? Have you been napping already or taken any other breaks?

Just a quick nap, I swear! - Album on Imgur

I have been pretty consistently reading with some short breaks to pet my dogs (for they demand attention!), get some more snacks, make fresh coffee, or to stretch. I am currently lounging on my daybed in the living room (thank you pandemic for making me realize that a futon couch makes an excellent daybed instead) and listening to an audiobook and of course chatting with you. What is your favorite reading nook? Do you tend to move around or stay put? I usually start the readathon off in the guest room (during the reverse readathon in August I had even made a blanket fort there) but once my house is quite in the middle of the night I generally move to the living room because that’s closer to the kitchen where the snacks and the coffee live.

최고 Reading Nook GIF들 | Gfycat

Tell me about your reading spots. And don’t forget to refresh your body, mind and soul during this hour’s mini challenge.

Juli from ichlese.


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4 thoughts on “Hour 16 – all the reading nooks

  1. Had an unexpected phone break, about to get back into it! I’ve been in bed, cleaning my apt, or running errands today. Need to do my workout and not skip on that. Probably bed for the final stretch and a mini nap.

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  2. It’s usually kitchen table, studio desk chair, and bathtub. It’s easy to not fall asleep sitting on a couch because we’re remodeling the house and currently don’t have a couch.

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  3. I’ve mostly been in the La-Z Boy recliner today and at the kitchen counter. There will be no bed reading this time around because hubs has to wake up early for some pilot training and I don’t want to disturb him.

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  4. Definitely my super-firm sofa in the living room, but when I switched to audiobook, I crawled under the covers in bed. If I’m closing my eyes, I should be in bed…


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