Hour 15, you guys!!!! This is Juli from ichlese and I’ll be hanging with you over the next two hours here, on Facebook, and on Twitter.

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How are you holding up? I’m definitely chugging coffee at this point. I also switched to an audiobook to continue my reading but also be able to chat with everyone.

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Since, this hour’s challenge is all about snacks, I thought we could tell each other our favorite, maybe even weird, snack recipes or combos. I personally love eating sweet and salty things and you bet I have chocolate covered pretzels right next to me this very moment. I think they are the perfect snack for our October readathons. During the summer reverse readathon, I usually have fresh watermelon, to which, you guessed right, I add some sprinkles of salt. In April, I frequently enjoy some crackers with jam and cheese.

What are you snacking on? What are your weird combinations? Leave your recommendations in the comments.


Snack Attack Challenge from Kristen

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9 thoughts on “Hour 15 – yummy, yummy snacks in my tummy

  1. Do you really put salt on watermelon? Whaaat? lol. I don’t really do anything weird with food, not that I can think of. I just made some cookies so that’s all I’m thinking about. lol.

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  2. Been trying to eat healthy so I had a ton of raw veggies and made a cottage cheese ranch dip. Delicious and easy to snack on all day.


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