October 2020, readathon

Fall Into Reading

Fall Into Reading . . .      Fall reading clipart no background

I was so excited to get the chance to sign up for a “warm-up” post for the Readathon!   I especially love the Autumn Readathon as it lends itself to a cozy blanket and hot cup of coffee or tea on a cool day.    I have always been a reader who likes to choose books that match the season we are in . . . in the summer time all of the books with beautiful, warm beach scenes draw me in and who can resist a Christmas story in December?!  So I interviewed some faithful book readers to see what they would recommend to us for “Fall reading” and maybe you still have time to get ahold of their recommendations for the Readathon on the 24th!

Our first recommendation is a “cozy mystery”.    Cozy Corgi Mysteries by Mildred Abbott.  The setting is in a bookstore – what could be better – and the owner always has her sweet Corgi alongside her.  I’m sure he plays a big role in solving the mystery of the day.  Upstairs in the bookstore is a bakery!  Now that’s pretty sweet!  And with these cute book covers who could resist them?


Our next recommendation is Sugar Queen by Sarah Addison Allen – This story begins in the Fall season but the coming weather and winter season plays a big role in the tale.  I have found that anything by this author is a great choice!!  

Paperback The Sugar Queen : A Novel Book

For me personally – Autumn makes me think of pumpkin patches, country sides with Fall harvest in high gear, apple orchards, and I’m always pulled in by the pictures on the front cover . . . here are a few Fall choices from my own Kindle library.

The Hope Jar  by Wanda E. Brunstetter

And Then She Was Gone by Rosalind Noonan

Country Heaven by Ava Miles

The Virgin of Small Plains by Nancy Pickard

Peas, Beans and Corn by Jennifer Wixson

Rain Song by Alice J. Wisler

I hope you have a great Readathon on the 24th and a great Fall season!!

Teri Henningsen

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