My uniform is a dress. You’ll find me in a dress every day of the week. Then when I get home I change from a work dress to a house dress. Even my sleepwear tends to be sleep dresses. But I wouldn’t be a book nerd if I didn’t own an awesome book shirt or five. 

In the last handful of years I’ve participated in the readathon, I’ve blogged ( about prepping for the readathon and sharing post-readathon pictures and stats and one thing I consistently share is something that I’ve bought special for it. Sometimes it might be a snack food, sometimes a reading item, and others it’s an outfit. For October’s readathon this year, it’s an Oxford-striped pajama shirt. We’re not talking expensive, this was from Target. But it’s special because it’s for the readathon. 

I’m a serious readathoner; I’m always trying to get to 24 hours and land in the 21-23 hour range most often, which means a few wardrobe changes. The standard is usually a house dress because comfort is paramount, yet the pull is strong to wear a book tee and sweats for some of the time. Then I always make sure to get in some exercise while listening to an audiobook so there is athletic wear. Of course there’s the comfy overnight pajamas for those long, dark hours between sunset and sunrise. And once to get a BINGO square (and because it was an hourly challenge), I even changed into my Ms. Marvel costume. Who am I kidding? I’ve had several different outfit changes just for an hourly challenge or BINGO square.

Too many outfit changes? Too few outfit changes? Where do you fall in the outfits of readathon? Maybe we should put together a calendar or start a hashtag #readathonlooks because I’m sure everyone brings a good game to the readathon as wardrobes are concerned. 

9 thoughts on “Readathon wardrobe

  1. I just wear leggings, or sweatpants, and a sweatshirt. I did the Biannual Bibliothon for a few years and if I was working I would get home from work and put comfy clothes on. Because yes, comfort is definitely key.

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  2. haha umm I tend to stay in what I slept in. For the duration. When I readathon, I readathon hard. I don’t shower, I don’t change my attire. I don’t leave the house! If I do shower, it’s right back into clean PJs aka an oversized t-shirt and pajama pants. Worn out sweatshirt if it’s cold. Slippers. All day. All night.

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  3. I wish I put as much thought into warddrobe changes as you do. I have a toddler so any wardrobe changes I make are only because there are three different kinds of foods on my shirt that my kid has thrown at me. I love your Book Nerd tee! Good luck with the readathon!!!

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  4. I’m all for comfort clothes while at home, so my choice for the readathon is always my PJs. There is something incredibly soothing in rolling up in a blanket, in soft PJs and with a book! So yes, that is definitely my wardrobe choice 🙂

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  5. I am lacking! I have zero book nerd T-shirt’s. The only thing that I could legitimately claim is my Gryffindor scarf which I received as a birthday gift. And I don’t wear it often because I am a loyal Hufflepuff *hiding in shame*

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