October 2020, readathon

Pre-Readathon Readathon #1

How are you all doing on your challenge that we posted last week? Anyone a third of the way through (5 prompts finished)? I have to admit that I haven’t started yet. I really need to get in gear! Will need to finish over a book a day if I am to have a hope of finishing on time.

Well this week, we are bringing to you one of our more classic Pre-Readathon Readathon Challenges. This week, we are challenging you to read a total of 24 hour in the course of the next 7 days. Let us know in the comment section below when you have completed this challenge!

Anything read for this Challenge is allowed to be counted for the main reading challenge we are currently running πŸ™‚

Additionally, we still need a few mini-challenge hosts if we are to reach our goal of having a mini-challenge every hour. If you’ve got an idea, we would love for you to host a challenge. Please email me at deweyreadathon@gmail.com!



11 thoughts on “Pre-Readathon Readathon #1”

  1. I’m going to try this starting today, which is Mon 12 Oct for me right now in New Zealand. Will attempt to read 3.5 hours each day over the next week. Will track in my scheduler & write up a blog post with how I get on!


  2. Hit 25 hours today – feels a bit like cheating since I did another readathon this weekend which put me at 21+hours…


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