Tricks and Treats – By: S.B. Richards

If you’re here you’re probably looking for some readathon tips, or in this case tricks.  Well good news! I have a few for ya (and some treats tips, too)!

Trick: TBR 

Simplest things first, right? If you’re participating in a readathon (or have before), you probably have an idea about what you want in your to-be-read pile. Before you go pulling  books off of shelves, here’s a few thoughts: 
❖ Comics, graphic novels, kids books, audiobooks – they all count! 
❖ Choose a quick, easy read to start so you feel good about finishing a book early on. ❖ Have a variety of books ready. Short, long, sci-fi, romance, fantasy, nonfiction. It really  helps to change things up. 

Treat: Coffee/Tea

The Great Debate! Whether you’re a coffee drinker or a tea drinker (or both, like  me) you probably have a favorite brew you’ll want to stock up on ahead of time. Nothing is  worse than being in the middle of a good book and reaching for that nice warm cup only to  find it empty. Except for maybe finding your beautiful reading mug in the dirty dishes…what  are you waiting for? Go wash it! 

➢ Side note, make sure to have a glass of water with a cup of caffeine. We don’t  want anyone getting dehydrating from pounding the coffee. 

Trick: Get Comfy With It!

Grab that raggedy old quilt you love to snuggle up with. Change into some pajamas.  Put on some music. Head over to YouTube and check some ambient channels. (Ambient  Worlds has some fantastic Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings ones, among others.) Just get  comfortable and enjoy. It’s a day to be lazy with a good book.  

Treat: Snacks

Make sure to pick up some snacks for the day (and not eat them beforehand, oops).  Cashews, grapes, trail mix, any brain food really. I know we like our junk food, but the good  stuff will help keep us going.

Trick: Take Breaks!!!!!

Your body to rest from time to time. Especially if you’re one of the readers aiming for  the whole 24hrs. Take a break and drink some water. 
❖ Move your reading to a new spot. 
❖ Go for a walk. 
❖ Hit up social media and cheer other readers on. 
❖ Update the rest of us on what your reading and the progress you’ve made.

Treat: Meal Prep

Calling all hobbits! It’s time to prepare for breakfast. And second breakfast. And  luncheon. And…well you get the idea. The best thing I’ve ever done to prepare for a  readathon wasn’t my TBR but making an amazing sandwich the night before. Lunch time  came and I was able top just stroll over to the fridge and find this wrapped deliciousness  ready to go! 
❖ Make sandwiches 
❖ Order food the day before (you can schedule it for lunch or dinner!)
❖ Make plans to take a break and grab a bite (safely) with family or friends. 

Trick: DNF

Did Not Finish. Set aside. Put away. It’s okay, you can say it. DNF.  

Don’t be afraid to DNF a book you don’t like, or are not feeling right now. It’s okay.  A readathon is not the time to trudge throw a book you’re not enjoying. The most important  thing is to have fun!

*Bonus: Fall/Halloween Atmosphere

❖ Set up decorations 
❖ Read some monster books. Or witches. Or horrors!
❖ Have candles surrounding your reading spots.
❖ And grab some Halloween candy (with your brain food).

3 thoughts on “TRICKS AND TREATS!!

  1. Thanks for the tips! I am a seasoned readathonner and have a good system going which includes a lot of what you advise here. Thanks also for the YouTube channel suggestions. I can’t wait for the Readathon. Wishing you luck in advance!


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