April 2020, readathon

Hour 19 – oh the places you’ll go …

Hi guys,

Juli here from ich lese. How is everyone doing? Hour 19 has just begun and in my neck of the woods it is now the middle of the night, which to be honest, is my favorite time to read. The house is so quiet. The pets are settled down and snuggled up to me. I don’t have to make any excuses why I’m having my fifth cup of coffee and why my fingers are now Cheeto-orange ;). I am now officially super-duper mood reading meaning I’ll read a chapter in this book and then another in that book. I might start listening to an audiobook or pick up a graphic novel. There are NO RULES in the middle of the night. Who knows, maybe I’ll start talking to myself out loud. No one will know!

With this readathon’s theme of walking down memory lane and my current mood of anything goes, I thought I might start a discussion about the crazy, weird, unusual, odd, and surprising places you might’ve read during a past readathon.

Clearly, the strange is strong in me in the middle of the night, but amazingly enough, my weird reading spots were all places I visited during the day. And (kinda sadly) they aren’t all that bizarre anyway. I’d say the most unique readathon I’ve done was one October day where I just had to visit a certain fiber fest but also read at the same time (because, you know, the readathon was happening). My friends and I packed into a car early in the morning, money ready to be spent on yarn and other knitting goodies, full of caffeine and drove an hour or so into the countryside to visit the local fair grounds and ogle over a bunch of goods in neat little booths hosted by indie dyers, alpaca farms, spinning wheel manufacturers, and weaving loom guilts. That day, I also had my favorite childhood book, Momo by Michael Ende, tugged into my totes my goats canvas bag. I read the entire way there and back, obvi, but I also read while sitting with other knitters or alone by the pond. I read while waiting on my friends buying their weight in yarn, and I even read while walking in between buildings. The only break from reading I gave myself was to look at actual yarn (and of course buying a ton). If I remember correctly, I broke a personal page number record that readathon. So whose to say we can’t multitask or combine hobbies? 😉

Leave your favorite weird reading spots in the comments below. Or really, just share any readathon-related memory.

I hope to hear from you guys during the next hour here on the blog as well. I’ll be hosting again!

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9 thoughts on “Hour 19 – oh the places you’ll go …”

  1. Ok. So. I haven’t read in that many weird places, by most peoples standards, but I think a few of them totally should count as weird.

    I’m from a family of shopaholics, and as a kid and teen I would get stuck VERY often for hours in a store I didn’t like with my aunt and/or cousins.

    I’d be bored out of my mind if I didn’t have a book. I’ve read in grocery store aisles, the benches in the front of Walmart’s all over the Carolinas, in the car alone waiting for my family (only when I was older), sitting inside shopping carts, cross legged in the floor facing a dressing room door, occasionally stopping to give an opinion on an outfit my cousins had on. Once I read in the display window of a gap kids outlet in myrtle beach, which my family thought bizarre. It was actually pretty nice, tbh.

    The day the last HP book came out, I actually took it inside a pizza place with my aunt and read while she chatted with someone we’d run into.

    I read everywhere, and I guess those are the weirdest places for me.

    Ps- almost forgot!! As a kid I’d take a flashlight and sit in the linen closet to read, and loved it haha.


  2. I did the same thing one year. It was the April readathon and there was a yarn crawl going on the same weekend. I read the morning hours while I waited for my friends to pick me up. They knew about my readathon so they let me sit in the back seat and read away. Every yarn store we made it to that weekend, I had them take a picture of me reading. That was one of the most fun readathons I’ve done. I got to combine two of my favorite things. 🙂


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