April 2020, readathon

Hour 16 – Do you want to be a kid again?

Hello friends! I’m Kristen from The Book Monsters, you can find me over at Instagram or Twitter and even Litsy @bookgoil. I’ll be around the next three hours here and over on the Readathon twitter!

I’m a bit of a readathon-a-holic and I’ve participated in many of the 24 hour readathons but I don’t always stay up this late, so I have some ways to keep you guys awake. We can start with this short and funny video.

Not sure if that’s how I’d react to seeing myself as a kid again, but I thought it was fun and definitely woke me right up! I’m sure in these times some of us would like to be kids again. Are any of you reading kids books this go around? I usually have some but not today. I love middle grade fiction especially for some lighter-hearted stories. Share your recommendations below!

Personally I suggest Fablehaven by Brandon Mull, Ban this Book by Alan Gratz, and anything by graphic novelist Ben Hatke.

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8 thoughts on “Hour 16 – Do you want to be a kid again?”

  1. Is it me or is the link for the read books database link at the end of each posts for October? I’m just starting Pages and Co #1 for the next few hours. I love reading books for younger readers, although not all translate well when you’re an adult. I actually prefer middle grade to books for teens, which can sound pretty whiny in my opinion 🤓


  2. I’ve been listening to Andrew Peterson read his first Wingfeather Saga book, and I check in on Mac Barnett’s Instagram book club where he reads his picture books. They’ve been good for resting my eyes from pages and up close screens.


  3. I polished off a middle grade book at the start — I love those books. Hmm, I think I have Ban This Book on my shelves…


  4. I have no idea what you mean with “again” 😉

    I listened to Multicultural Tales to Tell on Audible. I am not really an audiobook-girl, but it was nice to give my eyes a break for a little while.


  5. I never wanted to be a kid or a teenager again. I always enjoyed to be a grown-up. I am not a fan of YA and the only children‘s fiction I re-read fairly regularly is The Hobbit.


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