April 2020, readathon

Hour 14 – Rachel Noel – Readathon Support

Readathon is not a solo sport. Whether it’s supporting each other in our reading, or getting support from loved ones (yes, this includes #readathonpets) it’s very helpful to have a good #ReadathonSupport team. Something as little as reminding you to get up and move around can be a serious life saver. I’ll never forget, my first Readathon, I sat too long, foot went numb, and I tripped trying to get to the bathroom!

If you find yourself struggling this Readathon, feel free to reach out for some #ReadathonSupport and we’ll be there. If you have a good #ReadathonSupport team at home, remember to shout them out. Whether it’s a pet reminding you to get some movement and feed them, a child reminding you that you need to eat, a significant other making you coffee (or tea), or even a houseplant reminding you the importance of staying hydrated, be sure to shout them out.

Never forget, self-care is important. This is a long event and it’s only really enjoyable if you’re making sure to take care of yourself. Reading late at night loses its luster if you’re also starving. Reading throughout the day gets difficult if you forget to drink some water and “overdose” on caffeine. And if you need a nap, need to call it a day/night, you do so. Your health matters. And if you even need some encouragement, just let us know. One of my favorite parts of Readathon is cheering on others. 

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5 thoughts on “Hour 14 – Rachel Noel – Readathon Support”

  1. Ok I really needed this. My neck is cramped, and I’ve already fallen asleep which I was disappointed about because I want to stay up the whole 24 hours. And my family made plans without me so I have to chose between reading and going with them. 😫 this is turning out to be the hardest marathon yet!


    1. Sorry to hear you’re having so much trouble! But don’t be so disappointed in falling asleep. I’ve had to start scheduling naps if I want to make it the full 24 hours. And it’s always okay to be with family instead of participating in Readathon. The Readathon is pointless if you’re not having fun. ^_^


  2. First of all: Lilly, no pressure, no stress. Readathons are fun, and they’re yours to make what you want them to be. 24 hours? 2? 6? Whatever! Me, I’ve decided to do this thing all week. What is time?

    And here’s what I actually came in to say. Support is SO key. I did my first Readathon in 2011. I went to my parents’ house, and my dad was thoroughly on board with the whole Readathon thing, absolutely delighted by it. He took me shopping for snacks and caffeine, and made one of my favorite dinners ever, and checked in on me before I went to bed. The Readathons that happened before I started librarian grad school, that was our tradition. Readathons and grad school didn’t mix, so I got out of the habit… but my parents are still delighted by the Readathon and that helps.


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