April 2020, readathon

Hour 12 – Who are You Reading With?

Welcome to hour 12 readers, I’m Paula ( @kneadyreader ) back with you for this last hour before the halfway point.

Crazy time to be alive, isn’t it?

Even for those of us who are homebody introverts, this is starting to seem like a little TOO much alone time.

Are you reading all by yourself today? Is there anyone else at home, reading or not, keeping you company? Are you trying to connect with other readers, via social media, talk, text or video chat?

My readathon buddy

Here at my place, it is just me and November, the kitty. She isn’t much of a conversationalist, really doesn’t respond to questions or care if I wax poetic about my reading material, but she does her part to keep my lap warm and protected.

Who are you reading with today? Who do you WISH you were reading with today? Who do you WISH wasn’t at home with you during quarantine so you could just read in peace? Let me know in the comments and at the end of the readathon I will choose a random comment and contact you about a prize.

For now, move around a little, get the blood pumping and get back to your reading.

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28 thoughts on “Hour 12 – Who are You Reading With?”

  1. I’m reading with my partner and also my mother in law… pretty standard for us since we’ve been together for longer than Dewey’s has been in existence. We’re also reading with our MIL who has done many readathons with us since she lived with us for 9 years… it’s interesting because she doesn’t live with us any more and wasn’t supposed to be here at all – she got trapped here because of the pandemic – but one of her favorite things with us has always been readathon. She loves books, she loves the snacks. lol


  2. I am reading alone today and in general, as I‘m single… 😏 I would love to have a cat on my lap, but my current life would not be fair to a cat, I am not home enough. Well, I am right now—I‘ve been doing home office since mid-March and will continue to do so at least till the end of May. I miss having cats around! One day….

    Ok, I am going to fix myself a little nightly snack now (it‘s 1 a.m. here) and walk around a bit and then get back on that sofa again to continue reading…


  3. I have 4 pups reading with me during this readathon. My dad and boyfriend are doing house projects around our home(wish they were reading, less noise)!🤫😜


  4. I’m doing my reading alone on our living room couch, as my partner — who works in academia, and thus is never really “off the clock” — wanders in and out of the bedroom for food breaks and to say hi and inquire about my books every once in a while!


  5. My reading buddy is my almost-8-month-old son, and he’s making sure I don’t do too much Read-a-thon (in other words, he’s ensuring that I don’t have enough time for Read-a-thon!) We haven’t even finished a chapter, but we’ve had plenty of time for social and community, which is really what the event is all about for me. I wouldn’t trade him for the world, he’s the cutest Read-a-thon buddy I’ve ever had!


  6. I’m reading alone (though I have a cute little stuffed animal, a gift from by best friend) and I love it! Here and there I have a little chat with my flatmate, but other than that I enjoy my reading time.(:
    There was a party in the flat above us which wasn’t fun, but they moved somewhere else now. So it’s quiet again. ❤


  7. Reading with my sister atm but I know she’s not going to even try to do the full 24 hours so I’ll be on my own in a few hours lol


  8. Finishing up April’s book club selection Rosie Perez’s Handbook for an Unpredictable Life. Really good book.
    Backyard. Beautiful sunny day.🌴☀️


  9. It’s me, 2 cats, 2 dogs, and my husband and that’s how it’s been every year so nothing different here! 🙂


  10. I’m reading alone but my flatmate got so excited about me doing the readathon she cooked me a fab dinner she brought up to my room to support my reading efforts ❤


  11. My sons are around but not reading. I call upon them for snacks or treats occasionally. The cats are willing to hang with me though.


  12. My usual reading buddy, Dresden the Mighty, my Feline Overlord, has been ignoring since he got his treats at 5 am this morning (when the readathon kicked off where I live). My boyfriend said he was going to read with me for a bit, but has been playing video games all day. Which is what he does during every readathon. I’m OK with that, though, since it means he’s also not bugging me.


  13. I’m reading with my 12 year old son and three cats. All four can either be pleasant reading buddies or obnoxious distractions at any given time, but my son looks forward to every readathon.


  14. I’ve been reading with my spouse and our two kids. Our youngest, who is nine, is especially enthusiastic. The elder one read a bit and then went back to doing art. Which is fair enough.They have all called it night now, as it is 1 am, so as of right now I guess I am reading alone. The others will jump back in in the morning.


  15. Reading with my oldest son and my daughter in law for their first time ever. They are in another city but it is nice to have the company.


  16. https://tinyurl.com/y9qmafpz
    Here is my little helper. She is a rescue cat, her name is Lilo (or Leeloo in english) and she is blind. But very curious. She is obsessed with the sound of pencil on paper and will come running even from an other room if you try writing anything.

    Also, there is a bookclub on goodreads I have been part of for a long time. For years now we do Dewey’s together. After the covid-19 made us stay at home, we started doing readathons of our own. It has been held every weekend and it would last for 48 hours (whole saturday and sunday). Moderators, the 4 of us, prepared a new bingo table for each RaT. A lot of people responded really well to it which made us very happy. It is nice to know you can bring a little sunshine into someone’s gloomy day.


  17. I had two particular cats who were ALWAYS with me during the readathon. Aker and Sheba. Both of them crossed the Rainbow Bridge last year, within a month of each other. Sheba would have turned 17 last month. Aker would have been 17 next month. I’d had both of them since they were 8 weeks old. Thy were together their entire lives so I’m not surprised they left this life so close together. They were my snuggle buddies. Sheba was my baby, She was with me for all the biggest moments of my life. I swear se read my mind and always knew what I needed most. Aker was a feral cat rescued. He never took to people very well. as he got older, he got a little better about people, but I was his person. He was ALWAYS at my side or in my lap. This readathon has felt a bit off without either of them keeping me company. I’ve got many other kitties, and some of them are every bit as snuggly and as loving as they were. But it’s still not the same.


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