October 2019, readathon

Hour 22 – Would You Rather?


Hello Readathoners! This is Kate from Kate’s Book Nook (don’t bother looking visiting. I haven’t posted in ages!) and I’m here to get you to the end of the readathon! It’s so crazy to think we are in the final three hours. Overall, this has been a really successful readathon for me. I’ve finished three books (two of which were previously started) and started two others.

These last few readathons have been crazy for me and since the April Readathon, my life has completely changed. I got married in June and moved in July and got a puppy in August. I’ve had a lot of time to reflect on things and as I was doing so, I was thinking about readathon. I’ve been participating in readathon for 10+ years now and since that time A LOT has changed. One thing that I used to love doing was the hourly mini-challenges (not that I don’t also love this format. I spent an hour and knocked out the ones I could do). So I decided that for the last few hours, I will be posting a new mini-challenge for you to participate in the comment section, if you should like. There is no prize, this is just for fun.

The first mini-challenge idea that I thought of is a game of Would You Rather. I’m going to start by posting one would you rather. Answer which you would rather do in the comment section and if you have a would you rather post that as well. Then people can come and answer my scenario and any additional ones that are posted. The next hour will be a totally different game so make sure you come back 🙂

Would you rather only be allowed to read one book for the rest of your life (any one book of your choosing) or be allowed to read whatever books you want but after you finish each book you have to read the Twilight series before you can start a different book?

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12 thoughts on “Hour 22 – Would You Rather?”

  1. Oh, I would definitely choose having to read Twilight between each book. That’s still more exciting than reading only one book all my life! And I guess there is no hard and fast rule for…skim-reading Twilight? Skip whole chapters entirely?


  2. Bring on Twilight, I’ve got no problem with them and couldn’t read only one book for the rest of my life.

    My scenario – would you rather only read books missing the first chapter, or the last?


    1. Oh, that is a good one. I’m going to have to go with missing the first chapter because usually you can fill in the gaps but I hate making up endings. Really don’t like books that leave the ends open ended.


  3. Still read more AND Twilight. It still looks pretty on my shelf after all these years because you can’t deny it’s power in the YA lineup from its time.


  4. I saw a few of your posts. Congrats on making 22 hours. That is very impressive! House of leaves is scheduled for tomorrow am. I had a look when you posted that you would be doing it, and my initial thought was the same as yours! I like the mini challenges and cheerleading that punctuates the reading. I quite fancy it. October 22 I ll be on holiday, but maybe next spring. I saw their advice on picking a short book to start so that you get a sense of achievement, and not picking books with heavy themes. I d say you ve borne out that advice, Jen!


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