October 2019, readathon

Hour 21 – OUTSIDE

Hey y’all, still Flavia here. So we are 21 hours into this readathon and for some of us, OUTSIDE is a foreign word by now.

So I challenge you to interact with the outdoors. For us Europeans and people even further to the East going outside can be a great option to listen to an audiobook or even keep reading physically. (Only if you want to obviously.)


But for a lot of you it is the middle of the night or it might be raining or you might just wanna stay in.


So consider letting the outside in for a bit. Open the window, get some of that great stuff called oxygen.


Or even just look outside. What’s going on there? Is it eerily empty and quiet? Let me know how it’s going for you.

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3 thoughts on “Hour 21 – OUTSIDE”

  1. I love this! I am starting to feel sleepy and I do need to take my doggies outside. They have been readathoning all day!


  2. It’s 10 am here and it’s so lightly outside! But the weather is gloomy and foggy and I LOVE it! I opened the window earlier and it’s chill in my room, so it’s perfect ^^.


  3. Okay, that was a grand idea, cold but grand. There is a rare cloudless sky, full of stars and between the lack of wind and what must be a rather high tide, I could hear the ocean from my yard. Thanks for the suggestion.


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