October 2019, readathon

Hour 9 – Readathon Self Care

Hi, I’m Ellie, you can find me at @ermreading on Twitter, Instagram and Youtube

Readathons can sometimes be a stressful time but here at Dewey’s, we don’t want you to stress out, we want you to have fun, look after yourself and enjoy reading. So I’ve put together some self care tips for 24 hour readathons to help you look after yourself and stay motivated!

Take breaks
You don’t have to read for every minute of the 24 hours, take a moment to relax, have a drink, look at social media or just sit back and rest.

Don’t compare yourself to others
The downfall of many a reader’s motivation can be seeing other people reading more than them. Don’t compare your reading to others, read at your own speed.

Switch books or mediums
This may not work for everyone or every book but for me, switching between books and formats helps keep me motivated to read.

Set yourself mini goals and celebrate when you achieve them
These can help you feel productive, motivated and successful throughout the day, plus you get to reward yourself!

Stay hydrated
Make sure you’re drinking enough water to help your brain ingest all the new material you’re reading and absorbing.

If you can, go outside
Some fresh air will do you good and keep your mental energy up to keep going!

Sleep if you need to
It’s okay if you can’t stay awake reading for a full 24 hours, if you need to sleep, look after your body and get some sleep

I hope you’re enjoying the readathon so far and these tips are helpful to you for the rest of it. I’ll be over on @readathon’s Twitter for the next two hours and then my own, @ermreading, after that if you want to come chat to me!

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1 thought on “Hour 9 – Readathon Self Care”

  1. I couldn’t agree more. Taking care of ourserlves should be as important as reading… after all, this day is for ourselves and reading feels so good as looking after our peace of mind 🙂


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