October 2019, readathon

Hour 6 – Food! Glorious Food!

Noms! It’s about lunch time for me, and oh I love the foods I get during Readathon. I always go for a big meals so that I can limit the snacking. Then I go ahead and snack anyways. In my defense, Hubby is an amazing cook and I bake a really nice cheesecake.

It’s been joked about a lot, but I really would enjoy a Readathon themed cookbook. From the very advanced, full meals, to the “walk to the 7-11 and pick up a soda” kinds of recipes. Your cooking and baking skills wouldn’t matter so much as just sharing a recipe with a supportive community. Eh, it’s something we’ll kick down the curb for a while yet.

In the meantime, what are you eating for your meals/snacks this fine day? Do you pick foods based on how easy it is to read while eating? I’ve had to forgo a few snacks because I can’t eat and read at the same time.

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18 thoughts on “Hour 6 – Food! Glorious Food!”

  1. Just (audio)prepared some vegetables, grapes, bread, a few cold cuts and cheese. My kids are busy reading and we’re having a “smorgasbord” for dinner. (it’s 7pm in our part of the world)


  2. I had cereal for breakfast and will probably do chicken nuggets for lunch because I can read while they cook and they’re easy to eat while reading. Dinner will be mac and cheese while I babysit my cousin tonight. Snacks will probably be cookies since they’re yummy and easy to eat without making a giant mess.


  3. Last year — my very first Readathon — my first snack of the day was a couple of pieces of a Serbian sour cherry cake I’d made the day before, just to keep my strength up. This year, I made one specifically in the hope that it’ll become my own little Readathon tradition, and I’m about to chow down!


  4. I just had a salad even though it is 6 p.m. here and I’ll be having McDonald’s in one or two hours xD but it’s the day where I just eat whatever I want, whenever I want. I ate chocolate while reading (super carefully so I wouldn’t ruin the pages). I have cheese, and cookies, and marzipan, and peanuts, and bananas. I’ll be making jelly and, who knows, pancakes and cake. It’s a wild guess 😀


  5. I went for filling meals today. I had eggs, bacon, and toast for breakfast. For lunch, I’m having leftover pizza from last night’s dinner. If I get peckish before or after dinner, I plan on simply grabbing an apple from the fruit basket. Dinner is going to be vegetable pot pie with cheddar biscuit topping from the Budget Bytes blog.


  6. I always try to plan my reading, food, background music, even candles, around a theme. This fall it is Scotland. I’m reading Outlander, drinking Scottish Breakfast tea, eating shortbread and homemade bannocks, May even break out the whiskey later. My first readathon was the novels of Jane Austen and an all-day tea party with finger sandwiches, cakes and petit fours. Last October was scary Stephen King books and fall-themed treats, pumpkin soup, hot spiced cider and roasted pork. Always stick with a theme, though. The planning is half the fun for me.


  7. My husband and I went out for early breakfast and were home just in time to start the readathon. As I write this we are on our way to pick up Thai food then it’s back to the books for me.


  8. I haven’t had much to eat yet today, but I’m pacing myself. Big meals make me very sleepy so I’m planning to eat snacks throughout the day. I just had a few pickles which I would only eat while reading my used, mass market copy of The Shining since I definitely didn’t want to get pickle scent on any illustrated Harry Potter books! You can bet I’ll be sure to wash my hands before moving on to my next book!


  9. I normally do pizza or chicken goujons or Spanish tortilla or SOMETHING that I can cook then graze on for ages with some fruit or tomatoes on the side – but I joined up last minute this time and I had pizza yesterday, haha. 😀 Soooo. Soup it is tonight. Breakfast’s still up for grabs because I have nothing yummy for that either. I think there’ll be a lot of raiding the cupboards and the fridge for whatever I can find to snack on when the urge hits!


  10. I got a veggie tray…but thinking may need to get some sweet and salty items later. Eggs and German sausage for breakfast made my the supportive hubby to hold me off a bit!


  11. So far, I’ve just eaten a typical breakfast and lunch, but now (nearly 3 pm here), it’s time to indulge in snacks. I bought some things I don’t usually eat — first up is thin crispy chocolate chip cookies with ginseng peppermint tea.

    I have a choice of spinach/artichoke hummus or olive tapenade hummus to eat with chips later. (I ordinarily buy or make plain hummus).


  12. My hubby went out and got us all Impossible burgers (the new plant based burger everyone’s talking about) from Birger King – it was yumlicious and tastes just. Like. A. Real. Burger.


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