October 2019, readathon

Hour 5 – It’s High Noon

Okay, it’s only noon here in the Eastern time zone but I figured, what better way to kick off my turn at the helm? Hi! I’m Rachel Noel and I’ll be your host for the next couple of hours.

We’ve been at this Readathon for a few hours now. Have you gotten up and walked around a bit? Have you been drinking water? Have you had time to eat? Do I sound enough like a worried grandmother? I’m sure you’ve heard this a lot if you’ve been looking up Readathon tips, but it’s true: Self-Care is Important! Heck, it’s one of the reasons I look forward to Readathon. You get to spend the entire day reading, resting and doing something you enjoy. Guilt free!

So make sure you take care of yourself and take the time to rest up and read your fill. And if you can’t read all day that’s fine! Part of taking care of yourself is not being yourself up over these things. Welcome to the Readathon, where you can read without fear of judgement!

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10 thoughts on “Hour 5 – It’s High Noon”

  1. I have taken a breakfast break and time to relax my eyes. I’m really into the book I’m reading at the moment “Crazy Rich Asians”, maybe after I finish the book, I’ll watch the movie.


  2. Hello now it is evening in Denmark but were are having good time and a lot of snacks. We just took a break with a walk out in the nature.


  3. I just realized how hungry I am, so I’m going to take a break and make food. Still having fun reading! Might switch over to an audiobook in the afternoon…


  4. I bought one of those Halloween cookie house decorating kits for my kiddo to make today while I am indulging in non-stop reading (her friend is coming over later to help decorate the houses) and my hubby is cleaning the kitchen to help out. It’s a good day!


  5. I read for three hours straight and then went for a walk and since I am co-hosting at Goodreads at this hour, I am taking the time to eat a salad (even though it’s 6 p.m. and I will be having dinner soon) and rest a little 🙂


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