October 2019, readathon

Hour 4 – Let’s talk spooky books!

Hey guys, it’s still Bruna here. How is your reading going so far?

It’s almost Halloween time! Do you celebrate Halloween?

Nobody really cares about this date here in Brazil, but I do like to put some decorations around the house and read some spooky books to get in the vibe.

I don’t typically like to read anything to scary, but I do enjoy a book with an atmosphere of mystery or with some witches! I also enjoy watching some classic Halloween movies like Hocus Pocus or The Nightmare Before Christmas!

Some books I’ve read that fit this vibe would be: The Wicked Deep, The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle, The Hazel Wood, The Girl from The Other Side (manga), Beautiful Darkness (comic).

What are some books you would recommend for this type of Halloween vibe? And are you reading anything spooky for this October readathon? Let me know in the comments!

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26 thoughts on “Hour 4 – Let’s talk spooky books!”

  1. I don’t have anything spooky on the pile for today – but I just finished The Whisper Man by Alex North, a crime thriller that definitely leans more towards being creepy and mysterious. I was planning to read Stephen King’s It before Halloween, but October’s really flown this year and it hasn’t happened yet!


  2. I don’t usually read spooky books, but this year to get into the Halloween spirit I decided to read The Shining. Reading it during the day for this readaton since I’m worried about reading it late at night and scaring myself out of my socks!


  3. One of my favorite witchy series is A Discovery of Witches. It’s got witches and vampires but they’re not stereotypical witches and vampires, which is nice.


  4. I’ve always loved Halloween. The first book that came to mind that invokes that atmosphere is The Near Witch by Victoria Schwab. I’m currently reading The Halloween Tree by Ray Bradbury with my daughter and it also does a wonderful job. Today, I guess you could say I’m reading something spooky. I’m reading The Farm by Emily McKay. Think vampire takeover. Hopefully it proves to be more than spooky!


  5. I’m not reading anything spooky this readathon, last October I read Stephen King all day. My favorite spooky stories are of the haunted house variety.


  6. I didn’t deliberately choose spooky books for today, but I think I have one of Mary Downing Hahn’s scarier ones on the piles, so I suppose that counts?

    If anybody like middle grade horror, I’d recommend picking up Well-witched by Frances Hardinge (Verdigris Deep if you’re in the UK). One of my go-to books for when I want something spooky!


  7. I’m reading almost exclusively spooky-ish books. I don’t really formally celebrate Halloween but I love the spooky season with themed movies and books. I just finished Ninth House (the last 100 pgs), am starting The River at Night and have The Haunting of Hill House, The Graveyard Book, Pumpkinheads and Rules for Vanishing on my TBR. I’ll probably watch some Scooby Doo (my absolute fav!) later as a break!


  8. I love Halloween, but my spooky reading lasts all year. I love the Harry Dresden series by Jim Butcher. But, I always read something by Edgar Allan Poe for Halloween to truly get in the spirit of things.


  9. No spooky books for me. I did just finish Imaginary Friend and The Institute …so im hitting a different genre this week.


  10. I read “Nos4a2” by Joe Hill earlier this fall and then enjoyed watching the season 1 on AMC. Zachary Quinto was perfectly cast! I also recommend the “Lore” 3 book series by Aaron Menke. He has an award winning podcast and Amazon Prime series as well – all are delightfully scary and TRUE!


  11. In Portugal we don’t celebrate Halloween either, unfortunately. As years go by we can see that maybe it will change, as you see more and more people throwing Halloween parties, but nothing that big.

    Anne Rice is always an amazing choice to read during this time of the year! (or any other time :D)


  12. Dracula, Frankenstein, Rebecca, The Woman in White, Jamaica Inn, Wuthering Heights, The Haunting of Hill House, Mountains of Madness.


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