October 2019, readathon

Hour 2 – Blind Date with a Book

Have you ever done this? I haven’t and I really wish I would. I especially think it would be kind of cool today. If you get in a rut, and can’t get into a book, try it. Fix it so you can’t see the book you’re picking and just dive it. If it doesn’t stick, try it again. Free range reading y’all. It’s all the rage.

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12 thoughts on “Hour 2 – Blind Date with a Book”

  1. Haven’t yet. Unfprtunately whenever the second hand bookshop of our library does something alike, the books are all gone before we get to know about it at all. 😦


  2. I don’t think I would have the courage to just pick a book blind. The closest I come is just grabbing a book off the shelf unplanned.

    ❤️ “free range reading”


  3. I would love to do this as well! They did this once at my local library and I wish I would have grabbed one. I think I may have my Husband pick a book for me while I close my eyes. Make it a little fun.


  4. The Blue Ridge Regional Library in southside Virginia did this last February. I ended up with Swiss Vendetta by Tracee De Hahn. It was just OK. I’ve seen blind-date books at Chop Suey (descriptions not that intriguing) in Richmond and Winchester Book Gallery (whoever wrote the blurbs did a fantastic job – really, really regretting not getting one) but was too miserly to buy one. Maybe next year!


  5. I’ve never heard of this! What a great idea. I would
    have a hard time picking a book with my eyes closed but maybe my buds and will
    Play along and pick one for me
    Like someone else suggested here…cool idea, especially when you are in a rut.


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