October 2019, readathon

Hour 16 – Let’s get moving!

Hello readathoners, it’s still Valentina from 100-books-a-year. (you can also find me tweeting @ValeGeneva) 

Why 100 non-fiction books? A friend once joked that as fast reader, and I am, I could at least make my skill usefulI by reviewing all I read, so that they don’t have to. Here I am. A brand new book blogger! 

Anyhow, how are you feeling?

I have been reading all day yesterday and since I just woke up one hour ago today, I feel the need for a good stretch. You might use one too. 

I am a runner, and I have just started practising Yoga, but I also like to dance around the house blasting music (definitely not at 6 o’clock in the morning), or clean the house and the garden when I have accumulated rage to get rid of. 

What’s your favorite physical activity? 

What music do you play?

After reading only non fiction for the last 4 months, and non stop today, I really wish I could go and clean up something. I realized that I desperately need to mix up my book selection, and add some lighter books in my list, otherwise in another 8 months, I will be completely disillusioned with humanity. 

I ‘could’ also pick up a really good novel, but it’s hard enough to reach 100 books without detours … and I don’t trust myself not to run to the bookstore and never turn back. 

What do you usually read? 

What is your favorite ‘light and funny’ non-fiction author? 

Help a fellow reader! 

I wish you all a great continuation of the Red-a-thon! I am going to get moving and walk to breakfast!

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2 thoughts on “Hour 16 – Let’s get moving!”

  1. I feel you andi. I too am someone who dabbles almost exclusively in nonfiction books. I mostly stick to histories, biographies, and political science/current affairs books.

    As for my physical activities, I am a runner as well. In fact, my fiancé and I are training for a marathon in the spring before our wedding in the summer.

    I mostly listen to classical music, some occasional jazz, Christian rock, and movie soundtracks.

    And my favorite “light and funny” non-fiction author, hands down, is Sarah Vowell of “Assassination Vacation” fame.


  2. I used to love going for long walks and hiking. I was in a car accident 3 years ago that messed up my lower back, followed 4 months later by a bad fall on a poorly-lit sidewalk that resulted in a torn ligament in my right knee, so hiking doesn’t come as easily for me anymore since my knee likes to spontaneously give out. As for music, I enjoy a variety of genres, but my favorite bands are Seether, Cold, and Lacuna Coil. I loved listening to Seether when I would go out for my 2-mile daily walks.


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