October 2019, readathon

Hour 15 – Wake up and smell the coffe (if you are in Europe)

How are you all doing? Are you energized? Sleepy? Caffeinated? 

I am Valentina, your co-host for the next 2 hours. Are you wondering ‘how can she be so perky after 15 hours of reading ?’ You are not the only one. I am asking this to myself. 

The truth is, I live in Switzerland, and it’s 5 o’clock in the morning here, I just woke up from a nap and I am drinking 2 coffees at once (head over to twitter for photographic evidence). 
In my daily life, I am a mom and I work full time (and I volunteer). This is my first readathon, and so far, I’ve been living my dream. Coffee, tea, snacks, no household chores and reading as much as I want! I wish this  existed when I was younger, I could have just told my mom to let me read at three o’clock in the morning, (‘it’s a read-a-thon’) instead of sneaking under the blankets with my pocket lamp, after lights out. 

(Hi Mom! Sorry Mom!) 

As I am staying away from novels and fiction this year ( curious? Come back in one hour for the next post or check out  100-books-a-year,) finding enough interesting non fiction books to read was a challenge. Twitter came to my rescue, and suggested non-fiction graphic novels, and my life will never be the same (and neither will my wallet). 

Are you also fans? 

Which ones are your favorites?

Did you also read under the covers? 

After spending the whole afternoon and evening in-door yesterday, I have decided to go out (just as soon as the rest of civilization is awake) and walk to the nearest breakfast caffe’, and spoil myself. What about you?

Where have you been reading today? 

If this is also your first Read-a-thon, what was the part you most enjoy?

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4 thoughts on “Hour 15 – Wake up and smell the coffe (if you are in Europe)”

  1. I, too, was guilty of reading under the covers well after my bedtime as a kid. The day my mom figured out that she should check on the whereabouts of the flashlight at night was a dark day, indeed. I don’t read too much nonfiction, but I read a really fascinating book last year called The Radium Girls: The Dark Story of America’s Shining Women. It was informative, sad, and infuriating all at once.


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