October 2019, readathon

Hour 14 – Where are you at?

Hi all, Paula here again. I’m joining you from my home on the rain-soaked Pacific Northwest Coast of Washington State, USA. Reading from my comfy spot on the couch with November the cat and Bogart the dog. Where are you reading at right now? Are you alone, with family, friends or pets? Do you prefer solitude when you read or are you one of those people who can read in a crowd?

Everyone is different, I know. Personally, I can read anywhere, as long as folks around me recognize that I’m reading and don’t try to talk to me. I am developing what I call my “Resting Book Face”. As the daughter of a polite mother, I try really, really hard not to roll my eyes and frown if someone interrupts my reading, but I’m not always successful.

How are you holding up? Hour 14 already? Stand up and stretch, walk around a little, pat yourself on the back and get back to it. Book Lovers Unite, you’ve all got this.

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10 thoughts on “Hour 14 – Where are you at?”

  1. I am home in my bedroom, it is currenty 3 am (it had to be 4, but the hour just changed) and my parents and nephew are sleeping in their room. My eyes are dropping but I don’t want to stop! I usually love both reading alone and in public.


  2. Hello from WA! It is sunny but it is starting to set here. Just went on a fresh air…ok a snack run! Ready for the big push tonight. Hubby and daughter are at a Daddy Daughter Dance so now it’s me and 4 dachshunds for another hour or two. We got this!


  3. I’m in Tacoma. And I’ve been hiding in my bedroom or sitting outside in the sun (when its out) most of the day… my husband has been intercepting the kids all day for me.


  4. In in the southeastern US. I’m currently sitting in bed, where I’ve been reading while my husband watches re-runs of House. I’m one of those people who can read anywhere and I ALWAYS have a book on me in some form. I even listen to audiobooks while I grocery shop.


  5. Reading in my library which is just a small room where I keep ALL the books. Could be a reading room or a book nook I suppose, but I’d rather call it a library than anything else!


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