October 2019, readathon

Hour 13 Halfway Done!

Hooray for you and welcome to hour 13. You passed the halfway point of the Readathon and are ready to push on through the final 12. Whoot – Whoot.

I’m Paula, your host for the next couple hours. I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for a pot of tea, some snacks and to fall back into the world of my book.

My question is, have you ever read a book with a world you just yearned to be in? Do you prefer a fictional world like Narnia, or something real, like Jane Austen’s Britain? Leave a comment below with a book world you could see yourself entering and I will randomly choose a winner at the end of hour 14.

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9 thoughts on “Hour 13 Halfway Done!”

  1. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is calling my name. I love how old-fashioned this world is from having tons of candles strewn about to writing with quills and ink on parchment and exploring all over the Hogwarts Castle. There are so many simple, elegant ideas in Harry Potter that add up to a wonderful world. The magic is obviously fantastic, but it’s somehow secondary to the historical weight of the Wizarding World. (And we mustn’t forget tea time!)


  2. All the time. I prefer books set in the real world, and when they are in a time or place where I haven’t been I really would love to change that.


  3. Oh, Narnia is my most loved and dreamed-of world, but I’ve always loved the world of Terabithia, as well! And in recent years I haven’t been able to get The Night Circus out of my mind.


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