October 2019, readathon

Hour 1 – Let Me Introduce You to My Friend Dewey

It occurred to me this past couple of weeks, that many, MANY of you did not have the pleasure of knowing Dewey, the wonderful lady who created this event and who we continue to celebrate twice a year.

Dewey: I would give up sleep, food, and conversation with other humans before fiction. I would almost definitely choose being homeless before choosing to be fictionless. I’m thinking about water. That would give me only three remaining days for fiction, but could be worth it.

As you can see from the quote above, she was one of our tribe. She helped create our tribe. If you are or have ever been a book blogger, you have felt her influence whether you knew it or not. She was an early adopter of blogging and she helped create book blogging as we know/knew it. She was a friend and mentor to so many in the book blogging world and Andi and I are so glad to help keep her memory alive. Here’s to Dewey!

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5 thoughts on “Hour 1 – Let Me Introduce You to My Friend Dewey”

  1. I remember. I joined the first thon and haven’t missed one yet as my post title, My Brain on Books XXIV, attests. My tribute to Dewey is tucked at the bottom of that post as it’s foundation.


  2. I never knew Dewey, but I knew the story about the legacy she left us. What an amazing thing to leave to the world. Thank you so much for keeping her memory alive and sharing it with us.


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