August 2019, Reverse Readathon

Reverse Readathon Hour 7 – Your Relaxation Practice

Hello, everyone and happy Hour 7!! This is Julianne of Outlandish Lit here with you for some REAL TALK that is hopefully applicable to some of your lives.

I suck at relaxing. I really do. If you’re like me, you KNOW that relaxing is good for you and you encourage friends/loved ones to relax. But when it comes to relaxing yourself… it’s hard not to think of all the things you should be doing instead.

Readathon is the ultimate opportunity to spend time on your relaxation practice (I’m saying practice so you’re NOT TOO HARD ON YOURSELF if you don’t do it perfectly). We are all agreeing that spending time reading matters to us – enough to prioritize it over all of our other normal daily events. How bad*ss is that? It’s an amazing, communal time to say, “I’m going to let myself not think about all the other stuff.”

Sometimes that’s not what actually happens for me though. SO, something that I’m going to try to do this time around is NOT do other stuff while listening to an audiobook, unless it is a truly relaxing activity. I’m not saying if I need to walk around, I won’t. Please, everyone, move and do things you need to do! What I’m saying is sometimes I’ll get up and clean a few rooms while listening to an audiobook, but that’s not actually coming from a place of helping myself. It’s happening because somewhere in my brain I’m telling myself that I’m not doing enough. And the only way I’m used to quelling that voice is by doing exactly what it says, no matter how mean it is to me. So this time: no guilt-driven actions! Cleaning can wait! I’m going to fight the harsh voice and maybe try doing something low-key like coloring or knitting during an audiobook instead.

My best tiny tip for those of you who struggle to relax: have something to do with your non-book-holding hand. When I’m getting fidgety and having a hard time relaxing, sometimes the fact is the matter is that I NEED to be doing something. I find some sort of object/stress ball/whatever to fidget with with my free hand. Typically after a little bit, and after some deep breaths, I’m able to lean back into the relaxation.

What do you do to really let go and relax?

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6 thoughts on “Reverse Readathon Hour 7 – Your Relaxation Practice”

  1. To relax optimally, I like to go to relaxing places. To the park or the sea or even just to the balcony – away from the kitchen, TV, or anyplace where there would be distractions.


  2. I like fidget toys too but the best one of all is my crochet hook. Crocheting while listening quiets me on all levels.
    another thing that helps quiet the fidgets whether i’m reading with my ears or my eyes is standing and swaying on my minitramp. that also gets the blood flowing from feet to brain working better than coffee to dispel fatigue


  3. I get really easily distracted whilst reading when I’m anxious which is never helpful! However, over time I’ve figured out that by getting up and tidying one small thing between chapters really helps me. It can be as small as putting one book back on my shelf but it helps me to calm down and read more. (if I’m in a car I have a fidget spinner which annoys my family to no end but gives me something to do!)


  4. I do audio books like most do the radio, during Anything where I can’t physically read a book. I am pretty good about holding off on all cleaning, etc when it’s readathon time, except those things I have to do everyday like scoop litterboxes, make meals, clean up after eating, etc. Or if I have something scheduled previously like running a marathon (yes I did that during one readathon, or being the subject of a fantasy photo shoot (I did that in April – I was turned in to a fairy) or something I have coming up that I need to prepare for like going out of town the next day so I need to pack and such. right now im listening to an audiobook and typing one-handed because one of my fur babies needs some loving. I do love the stress ball idea too! I get fidgety if I sit still too long and that is the bane of my readathon existence. I have a huge collection of stress balls since I like to get different shaped ones. I never thought to pull one from the display to actually USE. LOL


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