August 2019, readathon

Reverse Readathon Hour 4 – Dream Book Nooks

Hey there, Readathon-ers! Jenn here from the long-defunct The Picky Girl, and I’m so excited to be here to cheer you on for Hour 4.

We talk a lot about what we’ll read and eat/drink during readathons, but I want to know where you’re reading tonight. I’m an equal-opportunity reader when it comes to location – I’ll read in the tub, in bed, on the sofa, or in a chair, here or there or anywhere! (sorry, I was getting serious Dr. Suess vibes) – but I do have a few requirements:

  • books (!)
  • comfy spot to sit
  • pillow and/or blanket
  • something to drink
  • adequate light
  • snuggly pet

I’m here to share some dreamy reading situations, so if you need a break from reading and/or inspiration for your own reading nook, click through.

Source: Hendricks Churchill
Source: Style by Emily Henderson, Design by and home of Sam Gluck
Photography by Alison Bernier

Do I read in anything as fancy as these spots? No, but it sure is fun to look.

What about you? What are your requirements for reading spots, and where are you reading tonight?

Happy Readathon,

Jenn aka the picky girl

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8 thoughts on “Reverse Readathon Hour 4 – Dream Book Nooks”

  1. I’m sitting in an office swivel chair with my desk in front of me and several devices loaded with ebooks and my talking books for the print disabled device close at hand. a short swivel to my left is my craft table with several fiber art projects I can pick up to work on while listening.
    behind me is my mini-tramp which I will occasionally stand or sway on to keep blood flow between feet and brain in good order. that is whenever I can negotiate use of it with Zeke our Maine Coon cat who likes to sprawl there within arms reach as long as I don’t reach out my arm and touch him. alas he is not a cuddler


  2. I don’t read anywhere that fancy, but I do sit in the corner of my couch (I don’t sit on that part of the couch at any other time).

    And it’s raining beautifully here in Cairns, Queensland. Perfect reading weather.


  3. I dream of having a dedicated reading space/library. one of these years, when money allows, I intend to update my spare room to a combination craft room/reading room. I need a new A/C and new windows first though. LOL That room gets brutal hot in summer and quite cold in winter. I’m fortunate that I have huge floor to ceiling windows in my bedrooms that are essentially an entire wall. My spare room gets TONS of afternoon sun so it would be perfect for crafting and reading.


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