Good morning! Andi and Heather here, back with a fun summer Reverse Readathon!

A reverse readathon? What does THAT mean?

It’s simple! For our lovely participants around the world, we’ll start this readathon at 8:00 PM Friday, August 2nd and run through August 3rd at 8pm, Eastern Standard time, where we normally start at 8:00 AM Saturday. Still 24 hours.

And, to give us a chance to relax and enjoy the readathon with you, we won’t be doing prizes. Just a few mini-challenges. Just reading, glorious reading, on a hot summer night and day with lots of community and fun.

Since this is still kinda new, please help us spread the word! Share wherever you participate on the internets.

Sign up below. Let’s make this a fun night and day, especially for the readers outside of North America!

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