So we’re doing the “Relaxed Readathon” today. No pressures, no cares, just you, some books, and some bookish people you can interact with at your own comfort levels. How would that not be relaxing?

Well, okay, books aren’t always the most relaxing things in the world. I’m sure many, if not all readers, have read books that infuriate us. They made us cry. They made us worry. And then they ended on a cliffhanger! Who the frick thought that was a good idea?! I swear, if you KILL OF THAT CHARCTER I’LL…

Whoops. Sorry about that.

So, yeah. Readathon and Relaxation totally work together. Especially when the “rules” are really more like “guidelines”. You never have to participate in the full 24 hours. You never have to finish a book. We just hope you have a good time.

That being said, if you find yourself struggling for any reason, you let us know. We’ve been there! Readathon is a community event and we’re here for you.

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