Hello readathoners! It’s Kristen from The Book Monsters. You can find me tweeting @bookgoil and instagramming @bookgoil as well as litsy-ing @bookgoil.

I have been reading all day like you, so it’s time for a good stretch, audiobook walk, or playing with the dogs while I flip pages. Maybe find a cool jam to dance around to as well. I’ve been digging some pop and hip hop music lately and highly suggest this song below. It’s great to get you pumping.

What’s a song you like to jam and dance around to? What book are you reading currently and how much are you enjoying it?

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6 thoughts on “Hour 16 – Get up and move!

  1. I fully admit that I enjoy putting on top 40s radio and jamming out to addictive mindless pop. Right now I’m in the last hour of an audio book that I’m really involved in so have to finish before going to sleep. I have a casual race tomorrow but I have to finish this book! It’s Gabriela BTW.


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