Helloooo, friends! We’re less than 24 hours away from the beginning of this April readathon! As usual, we’re handling some last minute items over here…linking up mini-challenges, spiffing up post templates, and other little details.

A green, metal door surrounded by floor-to-ceiling piles of books.

This season has been another doozy for Heather and myself…lots of work complications horning in on our time. There are never enough hours it seems, and in the spirit of being kind to ourselves and our cohosts and droves of helpers, we decided to keep this Readathon CHILL. Kind of in the same vein as our surprise summer Readathon from last year.

What’s different and special about this low-key Readathon?

  • Posts here every 3 hours rather than EVERY hour
  • A number of mini challenges you can dip in and out of all day

What’s the same?

  • A COMMUNITY OF READERS! Check out #readathon on Twitter, Litsy, Instagram, and all your other platforms.
  • A great hourly challenge on Instagram!
  • Good times in the Facebook and Goodreads communities!
  • We start at 8am Eastern time. Take a gander at the Start Times page!

Take a spin around the site, check things out, and let us know what you think! Most of all, READ with us, won’t you?


8 thoughts on “Pre-Readathon Pep!

  1. Thank you Andi and Heather for all the work! I wonder all the time why this is so much fun. It is the knowing that there are so many book loving people like me all reading at the same time! Hey do you suppose someone from Guam will join us this year?


  2. Thanks for all your hard work putting this fun event on for us every year. I have to work for a couple hours tomorrow but will be reading for the majority of the day. Can’t wait!


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