October 2018

Hour 23 – Reading Challenges

Hello Readathoners! This is Kate from Kate’s Book Nook and I’m here for the final two hours!

Over the last year, my reading style has undergone a massive change. I used to read Young Adult exclusively. nothing else really appealed to me. But over the last year, everything changed. Now I can barely read Young Adult at all and I find myself reading mysteries a lot. I used to dislike Cozy Mysteries but now I can’t seem to read enough of them. I’ve gone through entire series!

I think that part of this is due to becoming obsessed with Reading Challenges. Now you might think, “Okay, so she is in a couple reading challenges…” but no, you would be wrong. I am in approximately 50 reading challenges. But this has been a good thing. I’ve read more books this year than I ever have before! I’m on track to reading 150 books this year and I’m contemplating upping my goal next year to 200.

In the past, I have hosted genre competitions during these final hours, but three hours wasn’t enough time to have enough rounds of voting. But still, I wonder if we were to have to Genre competition this year, would it still come down to YA vs Mystery? I am thinking of hosting the competition during the Spring Read-a-Thon.

So let me know down below… has your reading style changed? Do you participate in reading challenges (and if so, which ones)? Has your preferred genre changed? Please let me know!!!! Only 2 hours to go! You can do it!

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6 thoughts on “Hour 23 – Reading Challenges”

  1. When I first started book blogging, I did loads of challenges, but now I only do a few. I was always failing most of them and it was discouraging lol. As for genres, I haven’t really changed much, though I’m always trying to broaden my horizons. But over the years I’ve started reading more and more children’s books, and now that I’m an elementary school librarian, I’m proud of myself when I read a grown-up book! 😀


  2. I love participating in reading challenges. This year I’m participating in Cloak and Dagger Mystery Challenge, Foodies Read Challenge and Literary Voyage Around the World Reading Challenge.

    One of the big benefits of challenges is the excuse to focus my reading a bit, in the addition to challenge myself a little bit.


    1. I don’t know any of those reading challenges but they sound amazing! For me, they force me to keep choosing to read when there are other things I think to do instead.


  3. My genres haven’t necessarily changed, but I’ve expanded some while diminishing others… I used to read lots of romances–they were my genre of choice, however, upon the recommendation of my therapist–LOL!–I’ve cut waaaaaaay back on them, and on teen novels. Emotionally, these genres were exacerbating my depression–long story–that I’ve spent a lot of time and energy coming out of.

    I started reading and listening to (I’m an audiophile!) more mysteries, science fiction, and thrillers! There are new authors and their series to explore and I’m having a ball!


  4. Read 100 pages from 3 books of 2 genres this year . I consider it a win for me since finding a block of time to do it is hard . Maybe next year I’ll get 101 pages from 3 different genres . THE READATHON ROCKS !! They should have a summer reading readthon. You know , how many pages/ hours or books can be read during the soltice ? Almost everyone has their own definition of a personal best they want to work on .


  5. I don’t do a lot of Challenges because my reading changes dramatically sometimes based on mood and amount of time. I used to read a TON of romance, especially paranormal romance. Over the past several years I’ve started to gravitate away from a lot of it though because it’s gone too close to erotica which I don’t typically care for. i LIKE a lot left to the imagination (I have a very vivid one so I can’t dream up a LOT!) I moved into YA after floating away from romance because I liked the variety of plot options. However, the love triangles got tiring and when i was in a very rough spot in life, I needed something lighter that worked the mind, but not too much. So I moved in to cozy mysteries. I still read all of those genres, some more than others, but for this month I went back to my reading roots from when I first really got into reading – horror. Or thrillers. So yes, my tastes change over time though I never fully give up on one genre or type of story. Some books I loved back when I read them in the early 90s, I can’t stand now because my tastes have changed. So some are still on the book shelf for sentimental reasons, even if I doubt I’ll read them again any time soon.


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