October 2018

Hour 21 – Juice up!

Welcome to hour 21!! Can you believe the end is near? Just four hours left to read. Time just flies by when you have your head in a book and are in great company!

How are your eyeballs feeling? Your body? Are you getting tired yet? Maybe now is the time to do some stretching.

If you don’t drink coffee and are out of caffeinated tea, go open your fridge and find some veggies. You can either make a delicious juice or eat them raw. One of my favorite juices are made from apples, beetroot and carrots. It ends up being a lovely red, almost purple, color. I usually spice it up with a touch of ginger.

If juices aren’t your thing, you can also make tasty smoothies or even a Bloody Mary (no judgement here!). Whatever suits you best.

Before I go, let’s all thank Heather and Andi for this amazing event. Thank you, you’re doing an amazing job year after year!
Alright, that’s me signing off for now. You can find me over on Twitter as well as on Instagram. Come say hi!

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