Hey all! It’s Beka here to read with you for a few hours! This is my first time co-hosting but I have been doing the readathon for years! It is definitely the highlight activity of spring and fall and helps with getting some balance back in my life.

Alrighty! We are entering hour 4! How is everyone doing? By this time maybe you’ve finished a book or two, maybe dipped into the snacks?

I, for one, have always loved these hours of the readathon.

bored wallace and gromit GIF

I feel like I’m in the zone, with a book already under my belt and a whole pile to read. This year the ‘thon snuck up on my honestly and I don’t actually have a real TBR pile. But I do have a pile of books all over my house in various genres and reading levels so whatever I’m in the mood for I have. Are there any other…organic readers rather than planned ones out there. If you don’t have a TBR list what is your strategy?

Also, sadly I’m in the midst of school right now and have a ton of assigned reading that I need to catch up on. (I put the “Pro” in “Procrastination) Is there anyone else who might be taking a day of reading as an opportunity to catch up on homework? or maybe some students out there who are using today as a day to get back to fun books after too many months of school work?

Let us know how you’re doing! You are all amazing and this readathon wouldn’t be what it is without all of you wonderful, wonderful readers! Thank you for being who you are!

greeting cards thank you GIF by Greetings Island

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Cheer your fellow readers!

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5 thoughts on “Hour 4 – Gettin’ in the Zone!

  1. Hour 4 already??? I had some things I *had* to do…life things…so I’m just now settling in with my coffee and book (Turtles All The Way Down) to begin the reading part of readathon. LOL


  2. I can’t believe it’s already hour 4 and I feel like I haven’t done much. No finished books and less than 50 pages in on my chunkster. I made a note to myself to do grocery shopping the day before for the next readathon.


  3. I’m a very slow reader and have only finished 24 pages of my first book! I’m going to have to stop now and enter some of it into my reading journal (this is my son’s book, so it won’t be here for me to refer back to in the future). I think John McPhee’s descriptive writing is so amazing:

    “In red and salmon rock nearby were the small tracks and tiny bones of dinosaurs … He collected cherry black shales, pure dolomites, … the massive sandstones of an ocean beach. He went into blue-gray caves in beautiful marine limestone…In these lithic archives … was a completeness in every way proportionate to the valley’s unexceedable beauty.” (This is about Jackson Hole, Wyoming, for those who have been there.)

    Snacks: sweet and savory both finished for now. Lunch is next (beans, rice, collard greens).


  4. I also have some school reading to do today, for my thesis! But first I’m enjoying an audiobook and some cross stitching before I dive into school work. 🙂 This is the perfect opportunity to catch up!


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