October 2018

Hour 17 – it’s Sunday somewhere

Hey there,

Me again! Juli. So, it’s just about to switch over to Sunday for me. In the fall, I spent most of my Sundays watching football and enjoying the crisp, cold air. I do, however, like to start my day with a nice cup of coffee and a good book, especially one that fits the autumn mood.

How awesome would that reading spot be?!

Today will probably be a little different though as I tend to just continue reading through Sunday after a readathon. I usually start a second long novel in the early wee hours and I can’t just put that down and not finish! How will you be spending your Sunday? Is Dewey’s readathon in your timezone taking up a lot of your Sunday already? Do you continue with your books you started during the readathon? Do you switch it up and not read at all? Tell me about it in the comments! Bonus points for mentioning fun book-related fall activities! I’m always open to trying something new and different.



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9 thoughts on “Hour 17 – it’s Sunday somewhere”

  1. For me the read-a-thon ends at 7:00 Sunday morning, so I try to go to sleep as quickly as possible, sleep until early afternoon, and then get back into some semblance of a normal sleep schedule in time to go to work on Monday! On the Sunday I usually do an average amount of reading, neither more nor less. If I left a book unfinished at the end of the read-a-thon I’ll usually keep reading that.


  2. Because I usually sleep for 4-5 hours during the wee hours and get up again around 5am, I usually read or watch TV the rest of the day. My normal Sunday. 🙂 Tomorrow we are going to dinner with my parents so I will have to shower. haha. This is actually the latest I’ve stayed up for Dewey’s so I’m not sure what my morning plan will be like yet. I like to be there for the final hour but if I manage to stay awake till 2 or 3am then I will probably sleep and not set and alarm. We’ll see! Reinvigorating myself with peanut M&Ms! I needed the sugar rush! lol


  3. I’m actually trying to stay up as long as possible this time, so I will be sleeping most of the day. I will also do the run that I was supposed to do today but left my ear phones at work so no audio book means no losing an hour and half for a run.

    Pie may happen as well


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