October 2018

Hour 16 – the weird, the mad, the creepy, and the oh so eerie

Hi bookies,

This is Juli from ich lese. You can also find me on Twitter @evilbibliotaph. If you already follow me you know I am only slightly (read: a lot!) obsessed with the weird and the odd and the Gothic and the all-around creepy, crawly, and scary. October is one of my favorite reading months because it’s the perfect excuse to frighten myself with some horror novels or true crime stories or the occasional (read: very frequent) hair-raising movie.

Do you know the movie???? Let me know in the comments.

This time I made this my reading theme for our lovely readathon and yes, I am reading my books in the dark holding a flashlight for extra effect. Of course, my house is decorated in Halloween garb and I have several spooky reading accessories like a terrifying Pennywise bookmark (which I believe I have talked about at length on here during one of the past readathons). And I may or may not be wearing my Wednesday Adams outfit.

And this movie? Any ideas? Again, let me know in the comments.


So my question to all you amazing literary enthusiasts is, how do you set the mood for reading? Do you match the environment to your book? Do you have a staple reading nook that allows you to enter any fictional world? Did you pick a theme for this readathon and went all out as I did? I can’t wait to hear about your strategies!



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2 thoughts on “Hour 16 – the weird, the mad, the creepy, and the oh so eerie”

  1. Second one looks like Up? Definitely a Pixar movie. lol. Not sure on the first one. My October theme is Stephen King. My April theme is no theme. My July theme was graphic novels and that was really fun so I may do that again if they do a reverse again. I love reading in my home library surrounded by my books, the door shut, the house quiet, blanket on, cup of tea in hand. COZY!


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