April 2018

Hour 22 – Trick to Make it Through the Night

Do you craft? Now you might be thinking “Kate, what does that have to do with readathon?” And that is a valid question.

I am an avid crafter. Cross stitching is my main vice. But I crochet and quilt as well. It’s my passion.

And within the last year, I’ve timed myself and I discovered that I am FOUR times faster at my crafting when I am listening to an audiobook that when I am watching tv. Now this might seem intuitive to many of you. But to me, it was revolutionary and eye opening. For example, last year I came just shy of reading 100 books in the year. This year, I am already at 50 books read. Or should I say audiobooks listened to.

When I craft while listening to audiobooks, I am able to dedicate a portion of my mind to just the book. Keeping my hands busy also keeps my mind focused. And for me, this is invaluable during readathon. Towards the end (like we are now), when my brain is fried and I’m not sure I can focus and keep going anymore, pulling out one of my craft projects just helps me keep going and helps keep the tiredness at bay.

So, if you feel yourself starting to fade, try pulling out a craft project of some sort, switch on an audiobook, and see if that helps at all. It might just keep you going until the bitter end. And you may just develop another hobby (PS – any craft will do. Knitting, coloring, lego building, wood carving, looming, etc)

This hours shout out and thank you goes to everyone who volunteered to host a mini-challenge or help out in some way. You are part of what makes this event so special and so fun. So thank you for doing that. Thank you to everyone who volunteered a prize. That is so incredibly kind and generous of you and we are so thankful to you.

Three more hours of reading! We can do this!!!

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2 thoughts on “Hour 22 – Trick to Make it Through the Night”

  1. I did indeed switch to audio late into the night but I still slept for 5 hours. I can’t not sleep, I don’t have it in me! And I’m not a crafty person. Reading is my only hobby. 😉


    1. hahaha – no worries.

      And I napped AT LEAST 5 hours (3 in the morning and 2 before working here). Plus I had to go to a birthday party in the middle. It was one of my worst readathon showings. But it was still a really good day and I loved it! Thanks for you participation!


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