April 2018

Hour 20 – Pass the Coffee

Before Kate takes over for the final stretch of the readathon, we have one more hour of caffeine-driven late-night decisions! For me, this means drinking coffee in the wee hours of the morning and listening to  the Hamilton soundtrack for the umpteenth time. How are YOU all doing?

With five hours or so left, there’s still time to get in another book, or just finish that tome you started in hour one (like when I participated in my first-ever readathon and decided to read The Sympathizer—can’t really recommend that life choice. Great book, but man, it’s long). What have you read so far? Have there been any challenges you didn’t anticipate? And, perhaps most importantly, did you expect to still be awake right now?!

Stay strong, readathoners! Just a few more hours left. Thanks for joining me for these couple of hours. You can find me on Reading Women‘s social media, @thereadingwomen, or my own, @kdwinchester. Happy Reading!

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Petra Otten

You and a Book

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4 thoughts on “Hour 20 – Pass the Coffee”

  1. Starting the last book in my readathon TBR pile! It’s a little over 400 pages, so planning to take my time with it and hopefully end things in the last half hour of the marathon.


  2. Lol coffee sounds good! Unfortunately I just finished the books I’d gotten for today and I’d like to go to bed so I can make it to church tomorrow morning!


  3. My audiobook was 465 pages but I listened to the whole thing! I ended up having more audio time than usual because I had to visit my grammy in the hospital. So I tried as best I could to work around that hiccup! And I did sleep for 5 hours.


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