April 2018

Hour 19 – Late Night Reading Adventures

Hello, night owls! Welcome to late night reading adventures with Kendra from the Reading Women podcast! It’s 2am here on the east coast, and all I can think about is the life lesson Ted Mosby taught us in How I Met Your Mother:

Now, I don’t want to disagree with Ted’s abundance of life wisdom (ha!), but he obviously never participated in a 24-hour readathon! We’re just a bunch of readers hopped up on sugar and caffeine, sitting at home alone with an internet connection. What could go wrong?

I’ll be over on Twitter seeing what after-2am shenanigans I can get up to. If you want a break, come on over and join the fun. Otherwise, I wish you the best with your reading and attempts to stay awake. I’m sure everyone is hanging in there. . . . No, wait. We have a casualty. Looks like Dylan didn’t make it through the night. Sleep well, young reader. You gave it a good go.

Stay strong, readathoners! Almost to the home stretch!

Prize Winners!

Imperfect Happiness

Melissa Firman

Erratic Project Junkie


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