As wonderful as books are, when you’re trying to spend 24 hours reading, it’s important to make sure you get up and move around every once in a while. It’s dance break time!

I’m sure your pet friends will make it difficult to get up. But they can participate, too! Maybe you have a snake who can do the twist or a cat who can salsa and you want to record it and send the video to me directly asap. I hear, but have not confirmed, that children are also cute when they dance.

What song makes you get up and dance?

Thanks again for hanging out with me for a couple of hours! Be sure to find me on Twitter @bonjourcass and on Goodreads @bonjourcass. Enjoy the rest of the ‘thon, friends–may you read all the books and eat all the snacks.

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5 thoughts on “Hour 9 – Get Moving

  1. Well actually I had just decided to go to take a shower and go to bed, maybe read some more in bed but otherwise flying off to dreamland…. Maybe I’ll be dancing there (to some bachata preferably).


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