April 2018

Hour 13 – Comparing is for the birds

Dana here back for Hour 13! I loved all the funny memes and gifs you all posted in the last hour. Awesome job, you guys! This readathon is all about fun!

Because it’s all about fun, this is a friendly reminder not to compare your reading to someone else’s reading. Seeing someone’s update that they just finished book #6 and you’re just barely half way through book #2 and feeling a bit badly? Who cares?! You are both reading! Any reading is good reading, right? Amirite? Spoiler alert…I am right! Enjoy the day even if you can’t read the whole day or you’re slower than the other person. It’s supposed to be fun.

So tell me…how’s hour 13 going? Hanging in there? Need some water or a healthy snack? What about needing to give up a move a bit?

I am passing the blog over to Elizabeth. Thanks so much for playing along with me today! I’ve had so much fun talking to you all here and on Twitter!

Enjoy the rest of your reading!

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4 thoughts on “Hour 13 – Comparing is for the birds”

  1. I’m getting tired and it’s only 8pm. But I’ve been up since 5am because I had to adjust my Readathon. Starting to really hunker down now!


  2. I haven’t read as much as I was hoping today but part of that is because I went to my local library for the first time today and got a library card! So excited!!


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