April 2018

Hour 11 – Mark your books

Hi there,

Juli here again. It’s my second hour with y’all and I think it’s time to talk about bookmarks!

By the way, I don’t actually think of bookmarks as quitter strips. They’re more like pausers to me. So, how do you mark the page in your books? Do you have fancy bookmarks? Handcrafted bookmarks? Origami-folded ones (yes I’ve seen those!)? Do you use the Dewey’s readathon bookmark? Or do you, gasp, fold the page and go all dog-eared on that book?

I personally do not dog-ear my books. Well, I have one exception so far. I started reading Uncommon Type by Tom Hanks a while ago and there are all these beautiful pictures of typewriters, so I marked those spots because I just love looking at them. I do have quite the collection of bookmarks as well. There is a spoon that was somehow fashioned into a bookmark, a creepy Pennywise bookmark (I so bought that when I was reading It), several magnetic ones (and oh do they come in handy), and a rubber band one that has a little hand to even indicated what line I stopped at. And yes, I basically use anything else as a bookmark as well: receipts, other scraps of paper, I even once used un uncooked spaghetti.

I can’t wait to hear all about your ways to mark a page! This co-hosting stint was really fun. Be sure to check out my blog or follow me on Twitter (@evilbibliotaph).

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19 thoughts on “Hour 11 – Mark your books”

  1. I typically use the due date receipt since I mostly read library books. I mark the page I’m at when I go to bed and update my page tracker in my bujo the next morning. If I am reading multiple books then I’ll use real bookmarks, from a bookstore usually. Occasionally I might use a blank square of paper, to write notes on if something is interesting. I am very anti-dog ear!!!


  2. I have handmade ones, my sister every now and then draws me the most funniest pictures and she makes me bookmarks which I always use. I do dog ear book (sorry!) But only to section off 100pgs marks. I’m not sure how long I’ve done this but it’s been a habit of mine. I do tend to lose them though, idk one minute I have one then poof! I’ve lost another one! *Shrugs*


  3. I use a lot of freebie bookmarks and have used any scrap of paper in reach. I’ve even used my phone. Currently I’m using a freebie from the LA Times Festival of Books that says, “I love page turners!”


  4. Posted today’s bookmark over on twitter (@liketherigle__) but I’ve got a MASSIVE collection. I buy lots of used books, and keep anything I find in those as bookmarks (including lots of actual bookmarks). I’ve also got lots of freebies and a few from PageHabit which I love (today’s is one of theirs). I like to choose a bookmark that feels like it “fits” the theme or genre of the book I’m reading 🙂


  5. I have so many beautiful bookmarks. At least two dozen. I usually end up buying a new one everytime I buy new books.

    So what am I using right now? A bobby pin, of course -_-


  6. When I was in elementary school, one of the things you could buy with your official school picture on it was a set of bookmarks — they had zebras on them, for some reason, and all the cool kids’ parents got the bookmarks so all the cool kids had them.

    I have no idea what happened to mine, but a few years ago for Christmas my mother-in-law gave me the one with my husband’s fourth-grade picture on it. It has since become one of my most prized possessions. 🙂


  7. Anything! Bookmark, receipt, post-it, sometimes my cell phone or the TV remote if I’m just getting up for a few minutes! I never fold corners and I never put the book face down open. *faint*


  8. I belong to the “use anything and particularly receipts” school of readers, but since I started ordering books from Book Depository and since my daughter discovered the joy of making origami bookmarks I now have proper bookmarks on hand no matter where I am. I seem to have at least one on every surface in the house, as well as several lodged in books. I do love the origami ones. They hook over the page and don’t fall out of the book.


  9. When I order books at the library they come with a little slip that has my library number at the top when I go to collect them, so I always use that, and there is plenty of blank space to note down all the nice little quotes and vocabulary as I go along.


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