October 2017

Hour 18 – The Long, Dark Teatime

Hi everyone! It’s Elizabeth here from Earl Grey Editing. I’ll be your co-host for the next two hours. Hour 18 is just getting underway, so there’s only another seven to go! It’s spring in Australia and there are still a good few hours of daylight left, but even I’m feeling a bit tired by this point. How many of you are still awake right now?

Violets, tea cup, Earl Grey Editing
Feeling a little bit wilted?

It can be tempting to mainline caffeine at this point. Goodness knows, I’m a tea addict at the best of times (as you may have deduced from the photo… and my blog’s name). Instead of breaking out the coffee, the extra-strength tea, the hot chocolate or the soda, how about a quick dance party first?

Before you head back to your reading, I’d love for you to chime in with what you’re drinking right now (and whether you’re a fan of Vienna Teng or Yuri!!! On Ice).

Good luck, everyone!


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12 thoughts on “Hour 18 – The Long, Dark Teatime”

  1. I’ve had 2.25 liters of Coca-Cola since the fifth hour, so I’ve switched to water now. Ya know, before I started shaking from overload and all. 😀 But I do foresee a little Raspberry Lemonade during the night!


  2. Chamomile vanilla tea with a little honey. It’s my go-to readathon drink. Keeps me calm and in a relaxed reading mood. 😊☕️


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