October 2017

Hour 16 – Your Podcast Fix In Book Form

Julianne again! Good job hitting Hour 16, readers! I think part of what can make Readathon challenging is giving up parts of your daily routine that you really enjoy. Truly my series of co-hosting posts could be sub-subtitled “Having It All,” because that’s what I’m trying to achieve in my reading so I don’t get burnt out. And you can too!!

Something I really enjoy is listening to a good, old-fashioned true crime podcast. My Favorite Murder, Serial, Last Podcast on the Left, WHATEVER. But guess what. There are books about true crime, too! I know, the world is a wild place. I think I’m going to check out The Fact of a Body by Alexandria Marzano-Lesnevich when I’m feeling like I need a break from fiction. If you’ve been enjoying watching MindHunter on Netflix, you might want to check out the book it was based on: MindHunter by John E. Douglas.

Murderino or not, this technique can be applied to all sorts of podcasts. Comedy podcast? Read a memoir by your favorite comedian (Phoebe Robinson, anybody?). Into tech news? There are plenty of popular science books that are super readable! And so on and so forth. If reading is still getting you down, don’t forget that you can find most things in audiobook form so it won’t be like you’re not listening to a podcast at all!! Man, I’m just full of good news tonight.

Do you have any favorite podcasts that you can easily translate into book form? Let us know yours in the comments to help out your fellow podcast addicts!


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6 thoughts on “Hour 16 – Your Podcast Fix In Book Form”

  1. The current book I’m reading was actually a recommendation from Georgia Hardstark from MFM! 🙂 And I just ordered the Mindhunter book last night. Almost done the series. Totally addicted. It’s fantastic. Okay, back to reading!


  2. I’ve been hooked on Buffering the Vampire Slayer podcast lately! It’s amazing, funny and especially perfect if you’re a Whedonite like I am! Despite being about a TV show, I think it’s still extremely relevant because I know many popular authors today (especially a couple YA authors like V.E. Schwab and Leigh Bardugo) have referenced the show’s influence on them before!

    I also like to listen to What Should I Read Next podcast by Anne Bogel because the format is fun, and I’ve been enjoying Hey YA by Book Riot!


  3. One podcast I love is Whistlestop by John Dickerson, which is about all kinds of interesting presidentisl trivia. John Dickerson has turned the podcast into a book, as well as an awesome audiobook. I highly recommend both the podcast and the book!


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