October 2017

10 Years: Building Community with Fun

Dewey created 24-hour readathon 10 years ago and for about eight of those years it has lived on without her.  I started blogging in 2007 and it didn’t take long to be discouraged with very few if any commenters.  I stumbled upon Dewey’s blog and began reading.  She encouraged me to continue doing what I loved even if no one commented because I brought poetry reviews and poems to a wider readership just by being present on the Internet.  She said, “Readers will come.”

What does this have to do with readathon?

Dewey loved book blogging but she loved having fun online with her book-loving friends.  From Weekly Geeks to readathon, her mind created activities that begged for participation.  I was hooked from the first time I participated in 2008.  Some of my favorite memories are with readathon, especially the year Anna (Diary of an Eccentric) and I decided to do the event together at her house.  We ate Chipotle and snacks, while her daughter had a great time participating in the mini-challenges (comic book writing and more).  She was much younger then, but spending time with both of them while reading books – sometimes out loud – and just goofing off made it memorable.  I’m not sure how much reading we actually did that year, but we had a blast.

I think that’s what Dewey wanted all along: Readers coming together, sharing books, and being creative together.  Here’s to 10 more years.

Thank you SO much, Serena Agusto-Cox from Savvy Verse and Wit