April 2017

Thank you!!!

Thank you everyone, for another great readathon! Though we had a ton of hiccups (I really hope this posts soon) the love, the reading, and the joy in both were there in full force (perhaps even more?). We will be back later with a full wrap up, but again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Also, one bit of important information:

The next readathon will be OCTOBER 21, 2017!!!!

11 thoughts on “Thank you!!!”

  1. The next one is on my birthday!!! I didn’t participate much in this one but I’ll be sure to check in more next time!


  2. Thanks for another amazing readathon! I really enjoyed tweeting my progress as well as posting on Instagram. I saw all the hourly posts eventually, and only had one or two problems posting. The challenges were fun and you do a great job with the readathon. I’d be happy to do a warm up post for the readathon.


  3. This was the first time I participated in a readathon and really enjoyed just setting aside time to read as much as possible. Looking forward to October.


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