April 2017

Hour 18 – Strong Coffee

Hi everyone! It’s Elizabeth here from Earl Grey Editing. This is my first time co-hosting and I’m pretty excited! Andi usually covers Hours 18-20, but I’m jumping in this year so she can get some well-earned rest.

A little bit about me: I live in the southeast of Australia, which is how I’m awake and Andi isn’t. I’m a big sci-fi and fantasy nerd, so I’ve been using this readathon to make my way through some of the material on the Hugo Awards shortlists. And I’ve got two little dogs helping me out today. I promise to introduce them later.

So how many of you are awake at the moment?

How about now? I must admit coffee doesn’t do much for me. I’m more of a tea person (as you may have gathered). Although a hot chocolate like the one pictured above also does nicely…


Summer Road Trip

Still Going

#Fitreaders Do 24

Game On!


This season we’re putting an emphasis on spreading bookish good deeds! See our GIVE! page for more details about how you can get involved! 

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2 thoughts on “Hour 18 – Strong Coffee”

  1. I’ve switched to an audiobook to give my eyes a rest. I’m a coffee lover, but I’ve also been drinking tea. Made a banana smoothie with a brewed matcha base earlier. It’s given me a little boost!


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