April 2017

Hour 17 – Teach Me How to Dougie

Still Allison here from The Book Wheel (I know, I know, but you know you love me!). But really – just kidding – I don’t really want to learn how to Dougie. But what I DO want to know is how you keep yourself energized and going as we head into Hour 17. Personally, I’m a fan of dance parties with my dogs (absolutely no other humans allowed) and boatloads of coffee. This Readathon was easier than some because we got nearly a foot of snow today, so a quick trip outside for a minute is what we can call refreshingly awakening.

So, aside from caffeine, how do you stay energized? How do you get over the hump? 

P.S. If you don’t have a routine and need some inspiration, check out last hour’s mini-challenge on Instagram with #IGReadathon or this hour’s mini-challenge below!



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Still Going

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3 thoughts on “Hour 17 – Teach Me How to Dougie”

  1. Mostly just caffeine and getting up and moving around. I’ll take the dog out for a late bathroom back and he usually finds something to bark at and then I get worked up trying to quiet him down. Not ideal, but it works, lol!


  2. I have been drinking mostly green tea all day to not over-caffeinate, but now I just made another cup of coffee since I could feel my eyes creeping.
    I also get up an move, whether is was my elliptical last hour, an hour walk early in the day, or even doing some pilates while balancing my book, I’ve tried to keep the blood pumping to keep me going!


  3. I wish I could stay up for this one but I’m going to bed in the next hour… we are moving furniture in the morning so I cannot be sleep deprived. Usually I just take a 1-2 hour nap around this time (almost midnight here) and then nap the next day.


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