April 2017

April 2017 READER (and Volunteer) Sign-Ups!


Ready for the Biggest Reading Party of the Year?

Thought so!

In addition to reader and volunteer signups in this post, we also wanted to unveil a new addition to readathon. This season we’ll be putting an emphasis on philanthropy and giving. Dewey was one of the most generous people we’ve ever known, willing to give her time and energy and love to our community of readers. We want to share our love of reading and learning through giving. Giving takes many forms, and we know not everyone has the resources to give financially but we’ll be looking at several ideas throughout the event. room to read logoOur focused effort will be a goal of raising $1,000 for Room to Read, a non-profit organization focusing on literacy and girls’ education across Africa and Asia. You can visit our campaign page or check out Room to Read’s Charity Navigator report card.

Without further ado, reader sign ups are live and we’re so excited for you to join us on April 29, 2017. Please sign up to join us below and come to the (1st) biggest book party of the year!

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If you’d like to volunteer to help with the event, sign up below and we’ll get back to you!

33 thoughts on “April 2017 READER (and Volunteer) Sign-Ups!”

  1. I looooove the charity aspect!!

    I’m signing up as a reader but I might have a wedding to go to the next day, so I’m not able to sign up on a volunteer side… at least not yet.


  2. If UK participants are looking for a similar charity to support, I would suggest https://books2africa.org/. Not to take away from your fundraising efforts but if we donate to a registered UK charity they can claim an extra 25% from the tax man – so I think it’s better to donate in your own country. Books2Africa also offer a collection service if you want to donate a box of books. I sent them loads a few years ago, a great way to clear out the shelves!


  3. That’s awesome, Ellie! I’m going to put together a page of charity ideas, so I will definitely include this one with your note! ❤


  4. I love the charity plan! I’ve had a countdown on my phone since the last readathon. Its perfect timing being right after the LA Times Festival of Books. Hopefully I’ll find some great additions there!


  5. I’m soooooo excited about the readathon. This will be my fifth one and they are some of my favourite days of the year. I am going to look for a Canadian charity to encourage my followers to donate to as I love the idea of “reading for charity.” Thanks for encouraging this.


    1. I’m sending emails today! I’ve already contacted mini-challenge volunteers, cohosts, and warm up post volunteers. We had to go lotto style on cohosts, so if you haven’t heard back, that’s why! Twitter parties are next, but that’ll probably be Monday. Check your SPAM folder if you’re missing anything!


  6. Is there a way to double check if you’ve registered, or should you just chance duplicate entries if you can’t remember if you just thought about signing up or actually _did_ sign up?


  7. Hello! This is my first time participating in this readathon. At what hour does it start? If I counted the hours correctly, it should be 10 a.m. I presume we start at the said hour, but in different time zones. Thanks for the info!


  8. This starts midnight the 29th, correct? Also I put down my Instagram, but I can’t recall if I put my personal one or my writing one – whoops – but will probably end up using my writer one, and possibly my Twitter for that too.


  9. Thank you so much. I had seen a response recently stating that and went “duh” cause I remember the last one was similar. I just couldn’t figure out the start time, and must’ve kept overlooking it, to calculate. However, this is convenient since I’m in EST as well. =) Since I have Mayfest that same day in my area, I may be starting later in the day it seems, but I will still be participating!


  10. Late entry here. I just found out about readathon 2 days ago and I have no idea what I have been doing with my life prior to now! I’m super excited about participating but since this is my first readathon I’m still learning the ropes a bit. I’ll also be trying to keep track of things in a few other areas
    instagram: @kamishamish
    litsy: Kamisha
    goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/4538922-kamisha


  11. I entered my instagram, but I will also be readathoning on Litsy @kalalalatja, so if you want to follow, look me up there!


  12. I keep trying to post, but none of my comments seem to be going through. Was I flagged as spam for trying to link my blog post? I’m trying another post to see if this goes through.


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